Computer Cleaning

Computer cleaning service

Personal computers whether at home, work or school are essential elements in today’s World. The average keyboard hosts an alarming amount of germs (more than a toilet seat) and dust accumulates on the case. It goes without saying that ‘computer cleaning‘ is worthwhile. You probably clean your floors, windows and rest rooms to provide a healthy environment so why not use preventive measures with your computer(s).

Computer cleaning helps keep computer components in good working order and stops the spread of germs. Don’t let dust clog your cooling fans and cause over heating problems.

The key benefits of this service are:

  • Reduces repairs. We’ll remove the fluff and dust that accumulates in your hard drive.
  • Reduces downtime. Keep your systems up at all time.
  • Saves your technical staff time. Fewer hard drive problems.
  • Cleaning extends computer and printer lifespans.

We use non toxic, non staining, biodegradable detergents for cleaning computers and peripherals. We will treat your office machinery with care and bring them back to looking like new again.

If you would like more details and a quote on providing this service – pleaseĀ contact us today.