Carpet Dyeing

We can dye your carpets any colour you like!

Imagine a new colour of your choice, on your carpet without no mess or fuss today! If you have carpets that are in good conditon but maybe the colour is not to your liking – dyeing it may be the answer. Our ‘on floor carpet dyeing system’has been developed over the last 25 years in New Zealand. It is suitable for both wool and nylon carpets as well as wool/nylon blends. The system is compliant to the certified standards of the International Wool Secretariat; the international governing body of carpet manufacturers. The great thing about this system is that it is non-toxic, eviromentally sound process that uses only vegetable based dyes. It can be applied without uplifting your carpet too.

Carpet dyeing

Full range of Resene colours to choose from
The amazing range of colour choices are great. Just go into any Resene shop to view the colour range that is available to you.

  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Done on the floor (no mess or fuss)
  • Completed in a day!
  • You choose the colour you want
  • Suitable for wool or nylon carpets (or wool/nylon blends)
  • Disguises stains and marks
  • Extends your carpets life
  • Non toxic (very safe)
  • Vegetable based dyes
  • Colour fast results.

If you would like more details on providing this service, or would like our carpet dyeing expert to quote – please contact us