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The dirt and residue that builds up in your carpet over time is not always noticeable! So, it’s smart to have your carpets cleaned at least every 12 months. It pays to have stain resistance product applied every third or fourth clean.

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10 of the best DIY carpet care tips

The best advice on keeping your carpets in tip top condition is to vacuum
frequently and professional clean once a year.

1. Vacuum carpet frequently. Dirt soils carpet and build up needs to
be removed thoroughly.

2. Remove stains quickly. If you can remove a stain with a cleaning
agent as soon as it appears you have more of a chance of it coming
out. Old stains react chemically with the structure of carpet. Old
stains are harder to remove.

3. Test your carpet before using acid type cleaners or harsh alkalis.
Blot first to soak up as much as you can and then try just cold
water. You should never scrub carpet.

4. Start with mild spotters. Harsh spotters should be left to the experienced
carpet cleaner.

5. Never brush spots or dig into them. Scrape towards the centre of
the stain and blot with a white towel or tissue.

6. Don’t over use shampoos or heavy detergents. A little amount is
all you need. Too much product can leave different staining.

7. Don’t soak your carpet in water or wine. It can cause more problems.
Blot! Blot! and then blot again. Try for at least 5 minutes or until
your tissue or towel is dry.

8. Never coat a dirty or spotty carpet by using a carpet protector.
Leave faint stains until the next clean.

9. Fumes in Auckland can build up on the edges of carpets leaving a
black film. Always vaccum well in these areas and pay particular
attention to keeping tiles and windows clean which are close to
these areas.

10. A professional carpet clean is often less expensive than replacing
carpets damaged by trying to remove the stain yourself!